The current landscape of proprietary Ethernet switches limits the foundation of compute and storage clouds and Web 2.0 infrastructures. The “Open Ethernet” initiative is an alternative approach to traditional closed-code Ethernet switches that provides customers with full flexibility and freedom to custom-design their data center in order to optimize utilization, efficiency, and overall return on investment.

For years, Ethernet switch vendors have locked down their solutions, providing no choice or flexibility for their users. The trend of open source has traditionally focused only on operating systems, standards, and applications. However, in the era of cloud computing and Web 2.0 applications, IT managers must control their data center network in order to achieve higher levels of utilization and scalability.

Welcome to OpenEthernet

Eyal Waldman, President and CEO of Mellanox Technologies talks about OpenEthernet at the 2013 Ethernet Technology Summit in Silicon Valley.


Is Your Hardware Ready?

Yes, it is ready. If your hardware is capable of Ethernet switching and if you can run Linux or any real-time operating system on it, it can run Open Ethernet.